The Maledict



Release Date: December 15th, 2015

During my figurative travels as a heavy metal reviewer I am subjected…er… treated… to a number of different sounds.  There’s the upbeat energy of power metal, the depressing dirge of doom, and the frenetic fury of thrash among many other facets of the genre. Truly heavy metal is like the mythological hydra, one beast with many heads.  I’ve heard a lot of metal.  Some of it is spectacular, and some of it is abysmal, but most of it tends to land somewhere in-between.  Some of it however manages to be both enjoyable and abhorrent.


Australian based metal act The Maledict, and their self produced debut album Dread, is a special case indeed.  I find myself simultaneously being turned off by the sheer brutality of it yet mesmerized by the obvious skill the band brings to bear.  What they have given birth to is a crushingly heavy slab of metal, incorporating both the ferocity of death metal and the somber starkness of funeral doom to create something that is more of an experience than a sequence of individual songs.  This is seriously epic @#$%ing doom here.  5 out of the 8 tracks are greater than seven minutes in duration, with two of them “A Muse in Requiem” and “Deadened Eyes to the Horizon”  clocking in at 12:12 and 11:28 respectively.  The opening track “Tenebrae” somewhat eases you in with an atmospheric guitar and lamenting, clean vocals.  Beautiful and heavy.  You are lulled into thinking you’re in store for some goth-metal.  Holy ruptured eardrums are you wrong. The very next track, “Fast Unto The End” rips into you with lead weighted guitar riffs and savagely guttural vocals. 


This is not for the casual listener.  This is not for the feint of heart.  This is the sort of music that takes a crowbar to your head, pries open your skull, and inundates your psyche with despair. Dread is the soundtrack to your emotional breakdown as bleak hopelessness dances a psychotic waltz with infernal rage.  You have been warned.


Reviewed by: Farron1340



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