Coheed And Cambria

The Color Before the Sun

Everything Evil Records/300 Entertainment

Release Date: October 16, 2015

So, I have loved Coheed and Cambria’s music for a long time now. That said, over the last few years I have grown tired of the often exhausting listening experiences that their albums have become. I was losing my connection to everything that I loved about them. And then comes their eighth album, The Color Before the Sun, to reinvigorate my love for this band. It’s their first intimate album- no smokescreens, no facades,  just good, honest, heartfelt Rock and Roll.

Sanchez & co. have set some of the prog elements aside here in favor of some big ol’ post-hardcore guitars and catchy hooks. Songs like “The Audience,”  “You’ve Got Spirit Kid,” and “Eraser” are catchy as hell but also have an angry and sarcastic edge that brings a fresh feel to the band’s sound.

“You’ve Got Spirit Kid” also fits in with the poppier songs on the album, songs that feature a Rock and Roll edge with choruses that make you want to sing along. “Island” and “Here to Mars” kick it up another notch in that respect and are easily some of my favorite Coheed and Cambria tunes since their early records.

“Atlas” is another borderline genius song that combines heavy musical melodies with enough edge that Rock fans can take it plenty serious. When Sanchez sings, “So sleep tight little Atlas / ‘Cause when your daddy goes off, just you know/ That you’re the weight of his anchor / The love that is guiding him home,” you can’t help but be moved by it. Any parent that has to work for a living and can’t be home all the time will relate to this one. Lyrically it’s heavy-handed but the band make it feel like a smile musically.

I could prattle on all day about how much I love this album. But I won’t. This is my album of the year and exactly what I needed to continue being a Coheed and Cambria fan. The Color Before the Sun inspires me and, man, we could use a whole lot more of that kind of music these days.


Reviewed by Mark1340


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