Lucky Scars

Rock And Roll Party Foul

Spartan Records

Release date:  December 4, 2015

It’s been a while since party rock has ruled the airwaves, and Lucky Scars is out to fix that.  The band, featuring ex-members of Sensefield and Ignite creates some genuinely catchy rock and roll with a  nod to punk along the way.  The tongue in cheek band name is matched by the equally sarcastic cover art and stage names, including frontman Johnny Scars (Jon Bunch of Sense Field/Further Seems Forever/War Generation) and lead guitarist Nik Kill (Nik Hill, ex-Ignite).  The band’s debut, Rock And Roll Party Foul, is four songs of straight ahead rock that sound like Foo Fighters in a rage. 

A wave of feedback introduces us to Lucky Scars as “All Lies” opens with its paranoid view on the government.  The band immediately evokes thoughts of both pop-punk at its most vehement and high energy rock just south of the heavy metal border.  The drive only slows for a few seconds to offer a disturbing guitar break before kicking back into full gear.  “Bandita” bounds from the speakers ready to attack as Johnny Scars sings of a female assassin in terms of both fear and honor, giving way to an infectious rock chorus.  The same frantic pace carries through into “Rules And Laws,” and it becomes clear that drummer Craig Rage is intent on driving the band mercilessly forward to keep the energy flowing.  Closing track “Vampire” offers a more threatening vibe, and ends this EP on a high note. 

Lucky Scars impress on their debut.  The perfect mix of punk and heavy rock makes this EP a monster.  There is not a song among these four that isn’t a gem.  In the tradition of punk, these songs are fun, and, clocking in at less than three minutes each, the EP is far too short, as I always want more after every listen.  In a world where music can be made on the cheap, too many debuts sound only half composed, leaving the listener hoping that in another year the band will have improved.  Lucky Scars have left nothing to chance, locking listeners into their frantic drive and shout along choruses. 


Reviewed by Jim1340



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