Voices of Ruin

Born from the Dark

Independent Release


Release Date: October 17th, 2015

Independent metal act Voices of Ruin have been battling amongst the hordes of the southern California metal scene since their acclaimed debut album Into Oblivion which was released in 2011.  What have they been doing since then you may ask? Performing  with some of the biggest damned names in metal today, that’s what! We’re talking Dark Tranquility, Morbid Angel, Trivium, DevilDriver, Unearth, 3 Inches of Blood and a ton more.  You dig any of those bands? Well if you do then Voices of Ruin’s sophomore release Born from the Dark will most assuredly satisfy you craving for metal.  How these guys are currently unsigned is an absolute mystery to me.  Their brand of melodic death metal, with it’s astounding guitar work performed by the dual attack of Tom Barrett and Steven Calton is nothing short of face-meltingly majestic.  Add to that the ferocious assault of Lonnie Vanhorn’s drums  and Wallace Myers thundering bass lines and you’ve got a full-on, kick you in the teeth, piece of metallic mastery of paramount skill.  The only minor complaint one might possibly have here is the vocals of Dave Barrett which are, as far as death metal vocals go, quite adequate but throughout the album Barrett fails to include nearly any variation at all in his delivery, which is surprising considering just how acrobatic the music behind the vocals is. Once again, his voice is solid and his delivery is spot on, with his cadence complementing the music flawlessly one just might find oneself wishing for a little bit more, however.

Aside from that one admittedly minor complaint (which is, of course, all related to my own personal tastes) Born from the Dark is an expertly produced, ferocious assault of old school melodic death, from start to finish a high energy, amazingly skillful display of this genre of metal.  Opening with the fittingly titled “The Awakening”, the album begins on a deceptively mid-tempo note, only to launch into an all-out aural assault a few moments in.  “Scars (Of My Sanity)” has a distinctive black metal feel to it and “The Black Horizon” is a head-on collision between vintage speed metal and deathcore. There’s so much to enjoy it’s nearly impossible to point to a highlight as every single track is solid.  If you want to sample one track to get a good feeling of what Voices of Ruin have to offer, I’d recommend “Death’s Design”.

These guys are good.  REALLY good.  Give it a few listens and it’ll grow on you like a malignant tumor. Beautiful in its brutality, and glorious in its gracefulness Born of the Dark truly is a sublime slab of metal.  If you enjoy the earlier works of Sentenced or the aforementioned Dark Tranquility then you’ll definitely love what Voices of Ruin have to offer.


Reviewed by: Farron1340


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