Every Open Eye

Goodbye Records/Glassnote

Release Date: September 25, 2015


After relentless touring for their sleeper hit debut record, The Bones of What You Believe, electronic masterminds Chvrches return with Every Open Eye. Masterminds? Definitely. The proof is in the album’s crisp, widening smile; a sure signal that the band are truly something special in a market that sounds increasingly the same. 

Let’s start at the end. “Afterglow” is quite likely the best song I have heard this year. Lauren Mayberry’s thoughtful and gorgeous vocals are featured amidst a backdrop that crescendos in a very Joshua Tree way. The minimalist backdrop allows the spotlight to shine brightly on empowering lyrics that remind you that you can overcome anything. It’s restraint is commendable because it gives the song a gospel level importance when it could easily have devolved into another pop anthem. This is easily the highlight of the record for me. 

Every Open Eye’s main strength though is its warm and welcoming flare. “Never Ending Castles” and “Make Them Gold” are everything that’s good about pop music. They are smart, soul-stirring anthems that make you feel good and encourage you to be what you were made to be. Meanwhile songs like “High Enough to Carry You Over” and “Down Side of Me” explore widespread human insecurities without ever allowing the album to become a downer.

I just love this album. It’s as simple as that. Every Open Eye makes me feel good about life without reducing itself to lyrical drivel and music could use a lot more of that.


Reviewed by Mark 1340


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