Ghosts in Pocket



Release Date: October 9, 2015

What do you get when you throw the sounds of Interpol, Bloc Party, and Delta Spirit in a blender? Probably something pretty close to Ghosts in Pocket, a quintet based out of Southern California who's EP Barberton has been slowly but surely putting them on the radar of indie rock fans throughout the country. There intentions on this record are straightforward; make catchy indie rock jams while layering plenty of diverse sounds that will grab hold of the listener's attention and help set the band apart.
The five song EP opens with the title track, "Barberton", which starts with a dancy bass hook before the whole band kicks in with authority, sending one more strong hook the listener's way before being introduced to the smooth vocal delivery of Keith Beshwate. "Separated by Ice" is an odd standout track in that it is mostly driven by an acoustic guitar until being accompanied by horns toward the end of the song. It is a thoughtful yet powerful song that is possibly the strongest on the EP. "Statue's Pulse" is another impressive song with an arrangement that works more like an upward spiral than a traditional verse-chorus pattern, building up to a dramatic bridge in which Beshwate offers his most thought provoking lyrics of the EP. The slick production shines through especially on this track as the snare drum drives the rhythm home with a very punchy sound.
This is a solid EP from a band that is just starting to get the ball rolling. They have progressed over the years and it is evident here. The songwriting and musicianship are both strong and the production leaves little to be desired. Hopefully they begin working on their next full length soon and continue in the direction they are going.
Reviewed by: James 1340

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