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Release date:  August 21, 2015

Music is many things to many people.  It’s a soundtrack to daily life, a way to bond with those of a common mindset, a reminder of particular times or memories, and an emotional outlet.  With all the things music can be, we often forget that we initially began to enjoy music because it’s fun.  The Lousy Annas are here to remind us of just that.  The self-titled debut from this Louisiana based four piece (see the pun in the band’s name?  They’re fun right out of the gate) falls somewhere between the fuzzy attack of grunge, the pop hooks of punk, and the quirkiness of early Flaming Lips.  It’s a good thing. 

The Lousy Annas open their magnum opus with a piece titled, fittingly, “Introduction.”  The 35 seconds of this track feature a repetitive guitar and kazoo riff over the crackle of an old, much played and much loved, vinyl record.  From here the band explodes into the first proper song on this release, “Floozies.”  The driving guitars and vocals sit at the same lunch table as the Dickies, while the fuzzy tone is pure classic Mudhoney.  The tongue in cheek lyrics are silly without being ridiculous, and the overall impact is a smile on the listener's face and an immediate tapping of the foot. 

While I wouldn’t say the Lousy Annas are a one trick pony, the rest of this album stays pretty well in the quirky, fuzzy, punky area described above.  “Lonely Nights” adds some jangly rhythm guitar in the verse that breaks into a distinctly pop grunge chorus a la Toadies.  “Like A Wave” slows things down for a pensive, grungy ballad that mixes a slow picked clean guitar riff with a wall of distortion.  “Bad Vibrations” is immediately endearing with its catchy syncopated rhythm and Flaming Lips style vocals and lyrics.  Epic closing track “Anyone Else” is nearly 17 minute track that shifts enough to be its own EP full of separate tracks.  Rarely does the band wander from their slightly unstable domicile of punky fun, but that’s the charm of this release. 

The Lousy Annas remind me of a lot of the music I play just to enjoy. Not because the band is making a bold statement, or because of an emotional tie to the music, but just to bring some joy into my day.  When I say these songs belong right beside Toadies, Mudhoney, or Presidents of the United States of America  I can assure you these are my go to bands for good time music.  The Lousy Annas have made an album that’s got heart and teeth, but mostly it’s made of all the quirky things that will set your body twitching to their beat. 


Reviewed by Jim 1340


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