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Release Date: September 25, 2015

Huntress may seem like an overnight sensation, but anyone who has seen a heavy metal show in the last few years knows that they are the epitome of the term “Road Warriors.” They are everywhere: playing big stages, small stages, in between stages, and probably even some garages and barbeques. It all pays off though with Static, the band’s third album for Napalm Records and the follow up to the head turning Starbound Beast

Static is very similar to Starbound Beast, yet it’s a lot more refined. “Harsh Times on Planet Stoked” is a great example of this. It has the same thrashy groove as much of Starbound Beast, but Janus’ seems much more in control of her vocals as she spits the melody all over the head bobbing rhythm of the bass and drums. The guitars are fairly reserved here but when the opportunity comes to shine Meahl and Santana don’t waste their chance.

“Sorrow,” the album’s lead single, is another highlight in my opinion. It opens the album with  breakneck speed and an epic vocal performance that is likely what Bruce Dickinson would sound like if he were a throaty sounding, hot, blonde chick. “I Want to Wake Up” places the spotlight on a slightly more diverse aspect of the band. The song listens like a journey through Janus’ mind, ebbing and flowing brilliantly without ever getting lost in the time changes like so many other bands do. “Noble Savage” is certainly a personal favorite as well, holding down a dark mid-tempo sound that reminds me of the late eighties bluesier hard rock that didn’t get much attention, while managing to still sound as powerful as the rest of Static

In my opinion, Static is the sound of Huntress fully realized. Janus’ voice soars as she lets go of the shrieking that held their debut Spelleater back and embraces the throaty growl that made you keep listening to their sophomore effort Starbound Beast. Everything sounds more natural and more epic on Static. Fans of great heavy metal need to check this out as it is certainly an album of the year contender. 


Reviewed by Mark Fisher


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