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  • BLOODY HAMMERS - The Horrifying Case of Bloody Hammers (Music Review)

    of Bloody Hammers Napalm Records Release date: July 14, 2017 Anders Manga is a fixture on the darkwave scene. Emerging in 1993 with The Traumatics, he is also the driving force behind The Dogwoods, and an accomplished and...
  • WILLIAM CONTROL - Revelations: The Pale (Review)

    these songs play tells me that this isn’t a failing, and might even be the album’s strength. “The Monster” is synth driven darkwave that brings to mind the best moments of Depeche Mode. The lyrics mine dark themes and the most desperate of human...
  • THE BLACK CAPES - All These Monsters (Music Review)

    sounds of HIM (think “Buried Alive By Love”). “Now Rise” opens with a subdued riff that hearkens back to the early days of darkwave, turning into a full metal beast when the chorus kicks in. Other songs, like “Sarah The Witch,” live firmly in the metal...
  • WILLIAM CONTROL - Revelations: The Black EP (Music Review)

    impatient for the next release in the Revelations series. Reviewed by Jim1340 #WilliamControl #TheBlackEP #ControlRecords #Darkwave #Jim1340
  • TO/DIE/FOR - Cult (Review)

    and beauty. “Unknown III” adds keyboards to the mix in a way that flows from orchestral sounds during verses, and a bit of darkwave glory during choruses. Through it all, To/Die/For remains firmly in the rock tradition, while bending it to their dark...

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