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  • Art of Anarchy- The Madness

    them really easy to connect with. “Changed Man” is a desperate plea for reconciliation that comes in the form of a big, Creed style, arena rocker. It’s an emotional roller coaster that you’ll say you don’t like and then secretly listen to over and over....
  • LEADERS AND KINGS - Leaders and Kings (Review)

    Rock record, there are twinges of nineties Alt. Rock as well. On the first couple spins, this record really brought to mind Creed’s first album. It’s not that it exactly sounds like that, but the combination of big guitars and positive lyrics and...
  • PARKING LOT RECORDS - Adam Moscinski (Labels We Love)

    checking his stuff out, they’re great! RF: How important are ethics to you in running a label? Are there certain moral creeds that you try to identify with? AM: As far as that goes, I wouldn’t say I have a defined creed or anything like that. I’m just...

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