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  • ANNIHILATOR - Suicide Society (Review)

    Annihilator Suicide Society UDR Release Date: 9/18/15 One of the most consistent metal bands of the last few decades is certainly Annihilator. Guitarist Jeff Waters has always managed to navigate his ship through un-navigable...
  • FLOTSAM & JETSAM - Flotsam & Jetsam (Review)

    vocals. It certainly brings to mind the band’s original connection with fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Metal Church, and Annihilator. “L.O.T.D.” is another Thrash throwback that sounds like a band re-embracing their roots with its breakneck verses and...
  • BRAINSTORM - Scary Creatures (Review)

    sound also leans a bit more to the Western style of the genre, performed by such bands as Iced Earth, Jag Panzer and Annihilator. A little less Iron Maiden and a little more Megadeth, one might say. Regardless of how you categorize them, they’ve been a...

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