Turbo 30 (Remastered 30th Anniversary Edition)

Judas Priest

Turbo 30

Columbia/Legacy Records


Released Feb 3, 2017

When it comes to definitive heavy metal bands of all time there is no question that Judas Priest is certainly one of the greatest. Formed in 1969 these metal pioneers have released 16 studio albums and many of them have gone down in history as classic heavy metal recordings such as BRITSH STEEL, SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE & 1986’s TURBO. In a time where hair was getting bigger and spandex music was the clothing of choice, Priest showed that the face of even though music was quickly changing and they would continue to reign supreme. They were, in fact, ready to take over the airwaves, MTV and found their way onto millions of young people’s boom boxes, turntables, and stereos across the world.

The year 2017 marks the 30th year anniversary of the release of Priest’s most commercially successful albums TURBO. This CD really confused a lot of metal fans around the world because suddenly the mighty Priest started using guitar synths and their music still remained heavy but had a softer edge to it. From the opening track “Turbo Lover” to “Private Property” to the chart-topping “Parental Guidance” and the quasi-heavy “Reckless” Rob Halford and gang created a great metal album that to this day still leaves Priest fans scratching their heads.

This reviewer personally sees that thirty years later TURBO is just as much of a Priest album as any previous or those to follow. To commemorate the anniversary of TURBO Columbia/Legacy Records have released a Special 30th Anniversary Edition double CD titled TURBO 30. This edition contains the original remastered album plus two bonus live discs featuring 20songs that were recorded at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City in 1986.

TURBO 30 is a great release that should be a part of every metal head’s CD collection. With a reworked cover and bonus music galore this Special Edition looks, feels and sounds fantastic.


Reviewed by Jeff 1340

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Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware

Middle-Man Records, Contrition Recordings, Zegema Beach Records, Structures//Agony Records, and React With Protest


Release Date: June 3, 2017

If I told you I was talking about a sassy, spastic, innovative hardcore band from San Diego featuring members of influential bands, who comes to mind? No sir, we’re not talking about The Locust here, but instead, these new kids on the block SeeYouSpaceCowboy who are looking to follow in the footsteps of their fellow San Diegans. 

This quintet featuring members of Flowers Taped to Pens, René Descartes and Letters to Catalonia has managed to generate a sound that is modern as heck but still hearkens back to the spastic glory days of Three One G and Gold Standard Labs. The guitar tones are often angular and reminiscent of Arab on Radar or Daughters the sass is early Blood Brothers and The Locust and the breakdowns are pretty much any mallcore band from the early naughts. It’s a blend that works wonders almost all the time. The finest moment on this 7” is for sure the perfect “Pep Talk From a Nihilist” which shows the band at their frenetic best. The title track features some lows that aren’t really my thing, but continue to show this band's versatility.

I haven’t seen any pictures of this gang wearing white belts, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they surface any day now. Get your hands on this 7” or tape while you can so you too can claim you were into this band before they were cool. Supposedly lead singer Connie is shutting down Structures//Agony so maybe you can snag this from them before the label is no more.

Reviewed by Rob 1340

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All These Monsters

The Black Capes

All These Monsters

Dark Tunes


Release date:  June 9, 2017

Emerging from the darkness to release their first sonic assault on an unsuspecting public is The Black Capes.  The quintet from Athens, Greece is the brainchild of ex-Potergeist frontman Alex S Wamp, appropriately found a home at Dark Tunes Music Group for their modern take on classic gothic metal.  Drawing heavy influence from genre heavies like Type O Negative, fans of The 69 Eyes and Sisters Of Mercy will find these songs right up their dead end alley.  All These Monsters is a debut that is poised to put The Black Capes on the map in a big way. 

The ten songs on this release range from dark rockers to metal madness, sometimes in the same song.  “We Will Never Die” moves effortlessly between a Type O Negative style doom dirge and the more melodic sounds of HIM (think “Buried Alive By Love”).  “Now Rise” opens with a subdued riff that hearkens back to the early days of darkwave, turning into a full metal beast when the chorus kicks in.  Other songs, like “Sarah The Witch,” live firmly in the metal domain, with heavy riffing backed by ethereal keyboards.  These songs draw from a wide range of sounds across the spectrum of dark rock to create a modern take on very vintage vibe. 

What the Black Capes does best is create a creepy energy that transfers well to the listener.  The album opens with a thunderclap, giving way to dark organ under a horror movie style sample, setting the tone for the eerie scenes painted in these tracks.  Wamp’s voice alternates between a Peter Steele (Type O Negative) style baritone and the emotive vocals of Rozz Williams (Christian Death) or Ville Vallo (HIM).  Bassist Christ Rusty and drummer Christos Grekas lock together to create a powerful energy that pulses under even the quietest moments, such as the creepy guitar chiming on “Wolf Child.”  Guitarists Irene Ketikidi and Thanos Jan create contemplative and threatening soundscapes, giving songs like “Purple Heart” an ebb and flow that builds and releases tension. 

While it’s obvious that the Black Capes wear their influences on their collective sleeve, they succeed in creating something wholly new.  Fans of gothic rock, particularly of the type with a more heavy metal leaning, will hear the touch of the progenitors of the genre, and of more recent masters of the craft, all while experiencing the unique approach the band has crafted.  There is much to like on All These Monsters, from brooding rock to solid metal riffing.  More than just a great debut, The Black Capes have created a superb addition to the genre. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340



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Day of Reckoning [Explicit]

Modern Day Outlaw

Day of Reckoning



Release date: January 7, 2017

Southern rock is an American institution.  The rocked up blues riffing is easily recognizable as the homegrown music of the southern states, and the soundtrack to parties, gatherings, and good times all across the land.  Modern Day Outlaw were obviously raised on the stuff, and is exploding out of Florida with their second release, Day of Reckoning.  Don’t expect the expected.  A love of heavy music is weaved into the obvious southern rock influences, bringing to mind prominent metal masters such as Pantera, Metallica, and Black Sabbath. 

 “Revved Up!” starts things off with a bang.  The first vocal is a roar that would make Phil Anselmo proud as frontman Ron Brown swaggers between a Pantera style roar and the melodic delivery of Badlands’ Ray Gillen.  The band lays down a pulverizing groove while guitarist Jake Nicholson shreds in a way that has rarely been heard since prior to the 90s grunge explosion.  “Good Day to Die” kicks in, building on the momentum of the previous track, adding a bit of Alice In Chains style vocal harmonies and a dirty, southern fried breakdown.  “Headwake” could easily be a country song, if not for the heavy metal power and roar Modern Day Outlaw performs it with.  “Movin’ On,” my favorite track on this release, opens with a swampy acoustic guitar groove before turning into a full on rocker.  Just after the two minute mark the band builds tension by bringing the intensity down, as bassist Rob Palladino’s overdriven growl makes it clear that the next full on assault is just around the corner.  This song is perfectly crafted to take the listener on a ride.  The release closes with a high energy cover of David Allan Coe’s “The Ride.” 

As someone who grew up with southern rock, then discovered metal, Modern Day Outlaw is a near perfect mix of the best of some of my favorite genres.  The melody and groove of southern rock meets the power and passion of heavy metal to create a behemoth of a sound.  There is a sense of individuality and determination within the music Modern Day Outlaw has created that makes it stand out.  Far from safe, cookie cutter rock, Modern Day Outlaw forges their own path, blazing a trail where few have traveled.  The result is pretty epic. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340

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How Much Is Enough

Miracle Drug

How Much is Enough

WAR Records


Release date:  July 21, 2017

Hailing form Louisville, Kentucky, Miracle Drug has an impressive pedigree.  Newly signed to WAR Records, the band is comprised of current and former members of notable hardcore bands such as Supertouch, By the Grace of God, CR, and Mouthpiece.  Miracle Drug has been building steam since the release of their demo in 2015, bringing their brand of late 80s hardcore inspired mayhem to the masses.  Their five song EP How Much is Enough captures the intensity and creativity that is the heart and soul of hardcore.

Upon first listen, I was immediately taken back to the latter half of the 1980s when bands like Fugazi and Dag Nasty emerged from DC.  The staccato, synchronized, pummeling riffs of “Columbus” bring to mind the musicality and noise that made those bands stand out, and does the vocal performance on tracks like “Jury’s Out,” which has a definite Fugazi flair.  The songwriting will strike a chord with fans of early Revelation Records, and of course, Dischord.  Opening track “War Within” will be easily embraced by fans of Refused and Black Flag.  The unifying thread that runs through these songs is one of outrage.  The hardcore dirge “Grudge” espouses the same honesty and discontent that caused me to relate to hardcore in the first place.  As the vocals turn to a shout of “I’m a self-made f*cking martyr, and I’ll probably do it again” it’s impossible to not be sucked into the passion that is the kinetic force that spawned the genre, and that Miracle Drug taps into so well. 

How Much is Enough reminds me of the albums that inspired me to want to do something.  To take a stand, to forge my own path, or even just to break things.  There is an intensity in this music that can’t be denied, building upon the heroes of the early days of hardcore to create a new experience.  Indeed, these songs are more than just background noise to pass the day, they are an invitation to join in the fury and be part of what Miracle Drug is creating.  How Much is Enough is five tracks of brilliant, noisy rebellion sure to start a fire in the hearts of all who will listen. 

Reviewed by Jim 1340

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